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Air Conditioner Maintenance

Professional HVAC Maintenance for Improved Cooling System Efficiency

Want to know how to improve your air conditioner's efficiency, cooling power, and lifespan? The answer is easy. Having routine AC maintenance is the easiest and most effective way to get the most out of your cooling system. At Paulson Air Conditioning, we proudly provide comprehensive AC tune-ups in San Diego County and neighboring areas. As a result, we can help to ensure that you and your family remain cool and comfortable throughout the summer or when the next heatwave hits.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance Matters

Most homeowners don't realize just how vital regular heating and cooling system maintenance is. However, proper AC maintenance has many benefits that affect your system and your dollar.

Don’t risk an unexpected AC breakdown! Call Paulson Air Conditioning at (619) 613-2013 to schedule your pre-season AC tune-up today!

Some of the benefits of scheduling an annual Air Conditioning tune-up service include:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Decreased energy bills
  • Increased system lifespan
  • Reduced risk of AC emergencies
  • Lowered risk of breakdowns/problems
  • Keep your warranty in good standing

Ultimately, AC maintenance can save you significant time, money, and stress and the cost of an Air Conditioning Repair. We advise scheduling your tune-up in the spring to guarantee that your system is ready to perform during the year’s hottest months.

What Does Our AC Tune-Up Service Entail?

Our team at Paulson Air Conditioning not only provides Air Conditioning Installation, we also conducts a complete system inspection and tune-up to guarantee that every element of your air conditioner is in excellent working order. It’s our primary goal to ensure that you and your family stay comfortable during every season, and a correctly working AC system is a big part of that. At Paulson Air Conditioning, our team provides Air Conditioning Installation and repairs to customers in La Jolla, Solana Beach, Mission Valley and many areas around San Diego County. 

During our extensive Air Conditioning tune-up service, our technician will:

  • Test for proper airflow
  • Inspect and clean condenser coil
  • Examine AC installation quality
  • Check fan rotation
  • Test temperature difference across the evaporator coil
  • Inspect contact points
  • Lubricate moving components
  • Test all electrical connections/check voltage
  • Clean and replace AC filter
  • Test refrigerant pressure and temperature
  • Conduct a visual check for Freon leaks
  • Determine the temperature difference between supply and return air
  • Check wiring from disconnect switch to AC unit
  • Test for unusual noises, odors, vibrations, etc.
  • Examine the overall equipment condition
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During your Air Conditioning tune-up service, our technicians at Paulson Air Conditioning can catch and address any minor issues before they have the opportunity to evolve into significant problems. We’ll also ensure that your Air Conditioning is up to local codes and that the original installation is correctly completed.

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