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Gas Appliance Law in California

Gas Appliance Law in California

California recently passed a rule banning the sale of new gas-powered cars by year 2035 in its quest to fight climate change. Now, the state has unfortunately set its sights on the HVAC industry. More specifically, the furnaces and water heating industry.

The California Air Resources Board approved a proposal to eliminate the sale of gas-powered furnaces and water-heating appliances by 2030. Many people in the HVAC industry are not excited by this decision. However, this makes California the first state in the United States to implement such a measure. The goal is for this action to help ease the climate crisis by cutting planet-heating emissions. The commitment is part of a much broader strategy of the state implementation plan to meet a federal 70 parts per billion, 8-hour ozone standard over the next 15 years.

Heater and Furnace Upgrades

Natural gas plays a significant role in California’s energy landscape, with human consumption far outpacing other resources like gasoline and renewable sources in 2020. Although natural gas emits far less carbon dioxide than coal and oil, the fuel poses health, and environmental risks. For example, research has shown that natural gas water heaters emit methane, but permanent vents allow the gas to be released outdoors.

In April, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced incentives for residents of the state to switch to electric heat pump water heaters. Single-family, residential, and low-income customers may receive up to $4,885. Incentives are capped at $3,800 for all other customers.

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