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Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Noises I Hear From My AC

Banging Noises Coming From My Air Conditioning Unit.

If your air conditioner system is making a banging noise, this may indicate a problem with the compressor. Also, as your central air conditioning unit reaches the end of its lifespan, it is common for some parts to become loose inside the compressor. You may notice a rattling sound while your air conditioning system is activated. This sound is caused by detached components hitting the compressor’s exterior framing. 

Screeching Sounds

The most common problem associated with an air conditioner screeching noise is a malfunctioning fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit. If your air conditioning system is making a shrieking noise, this indicates an issue with the fan motor. The noise may be caused by a broken or faulty motor in the condenser system. If you hear a loud AC sound, you should immediately deactivate your air conditioner and call our team today.

Humming Noises

You may notice a humming noise inside your air conditioner due to a defective contactor relay switch. Unfortunately, it would be wise if you did not turn on your air conditioner until a licensed technician inspects this issue.

Buzzing Sounds

Never ignore a buzzing sound coming from your central air conditioning unit. A buzzing sound may be because of loose or unbalanced fan blades. This noise may also be caused by a faulty outdoor fan motor, dirty condenser coils, and loose components. A buzzing sound may indicate an obstruction near the copper lines connecting your air conditioner unit. The most severe issue that might be issue is a refrigerant leak. Be proactive and prepare for summer by hiring a licensed technician to perform an air conditioner tune-up.

Rattling Noises

In a best-case scenario, your air conditioner may be making a rattling noise due to loose sticks, dirt, or leaves in your outside condenser unit. If you notice a malfunctioning contractor, you should fix this issue as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the compressor of your central air conditioner.

Do You Hear Clicking Sounds?

While it may be customary to hear a clicking sound at the beginning or end of your cooling cycles, it is not expected to hear a continuous clicking sound from your air conditioning unit. Instead, this sound may be an indicator of a malfunctioning thermostat.

Are You Hearing Hissing Noises?

Suppose your air conditioner system is making a hissing noise. In that case, this may indicate a moderate to more severe air duct leak in your house. This sound can also be the product of a faulty or malfunctioning expansion valve or sometimes an air filter that isn’t compatible with your AC unit.

Bubbling Sounds

Suppose your air conditioner system is making a bubbling noise. It may be due to excess moisture. On the other hand, this problem may be produced by a blockage, crack, or hole in your drainage pipe. You will need special tools and training to fix the bubbling sound coming from your air conditioner.

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